Processing multiple EP results

I’ve run a bunch of EP analyses with the re-runIDF component (idfs were generated with colibri iterator), and now I am trying to process the results. I’m using the “Honeybee Normalize Data by Floor Area” component, but I’m struggling with the data structure when using multiple result files. For a single result file, the “totNormData” output will look like this:

. What I’d like to get is essentially this output for each analysis in a branch of a tree.

I’ve attached a simple example of this (requires colibri). In this example, there are 81 iterations, so I’d like final output to be a tree with 81 branches, each containing the totNormData for that iteration.

Thanks! (565.8 KB)

This is probably much easier to be done in two steps. I think since the component does use DataTree access already to sort the results for different zones it will be difficult to load everything in one go.

I would load the results for each case and write them to a separate text file. Then load all the text files into grasshopper using Grasshopper’s read file component and you will get what you are looking for.

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Thanks @mostapha. That did the trick for me. I wound up iterating through the results with a colibri iterator and then was able to get a hold of all the information I needed. Thanks!