Psychometric not converting properly from SI to metric



I am working in the US and I wanted to look into the potential benefits of passive solar for a project I am working on. I notice however a difference in the results when I switch the input units from Celsius to Farenheit. The strategy area created on the psychometric chart is larger when in Farenheit compared to Celsius, why is this happening?

Psychometric (428.3 KB)




Sorry for the late response. This smells like a bug with the passive solar polygon and I will look into it tomorrow. I added the passive solar polygon within the last year so it doesn’t surprise me that there may be a bug we overlooked. For now, I would trust the SI version of the polygon rather than the IP one.


@ELeriche ,

Thank you for reporting this. It was indeed a bug in the unit conversions happening around the passive solar polygon. I have pushed the fix to the latest version on github:

And you can find a corrected version of the component in this file:
Psychometric (422.9 KB)

Thanks again!