Psychrometric Chart Conditional Statement in Farenheit

When I create the same psychrometric chart in celsius and farenheit they look the same, but when I try to apply a conditional statement to the annual hourly data the results are completely different. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks! (81.9 KB)

@avril14 ,
There’s definitely something fishy going on here and it smells like a bug. I’ll investigate more as soon as I get the chance.

@avril14 ,
This was a bug indeed! I just fixed it and pushed the change to the github:

If you sync with the github, you will get the fixed component in your toolbar.

You can find a working version of your file here: (439.1 KB)

Hello @avril14, It appears that you’re missing an avatar! Please set it up in your profile! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Chris! Works great now.