Psychrometric Chart desn't show Comfort polygon

Psychrometric Chart desn’t show Comfort polygon. there is an error in grasshopper ,Comfort polygon has fallen completely off of the psych chart.
Please help me to resolve this problem,thank you !

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another figure follow above topic

@zhangyu3230 Please refer to this discussion.

I have the same issue
Psychometric chart error - comfort polygon has fallen off the chart.
I have tried the PMV comfort parameter.
however, error persists.
any suggestions

That’s not really an error. It’s a warning, albeit one that I didn’t implement very well in Legacy Ladybug sice it gets triggered by thing other than the failure to draw the comfort polygon.

If you need a psychrometric chart that handles a much wider range of polygons with much better warnings, the psych chart in the LBT plugin is much more robust. It’s only in the development version right now but it will be in the LBT 1.2 release when we eventually release it.

Hello, I receive the same error message, and as seen from original post above, no comfort polygon is drawn, and no data is output. Has this error been resolved? I do not see a solution in this thread. @chris

If you are using Rhino 7, you are experiencing a bug. We have a bug-free version of the psych chart already implemented in the development version of the LBT (1.1) plugin and we will be releasing a stable version of the LBT plugin (version 1.2) in a week or so. So, if you don’t want to go back to Rhino 6 to avoid the bug or use the “LB Versioner” component to get the development version of LBT 1.1, then just hang tight for another week or so.

Yes, was using Rhino 7! Will revert to Rhino 6 for now. Thank you.

have you fix the bug yet?

The psychrometric chart in LBT 1.2 is fully functional in both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. So, if you want a Rhino 7 bug-fix, the answer is “use the latest LBT plugin.” We think that we will keep the Legacy plugin as fully-functional only up to Rhino 6 so you shouldn’t expect Legacy fixes for Rhino 7.

Hey Chris, we ran the ladybug-tools-1-2-0 installer and installed successfully it, but the legacy still remained the old version of 0.069, how that comes?

LBT has nothing to do with Legacy. Two different plugins.

Right. See the sample file that downloaded with the LBT 1.2 installer on Food4Rhino for how to use the new psychrometric chart.