Psychrometric Comfort source

Hi @chris,
Just wanted to confirm the source of the comfort polygons for the psychrometric chart.
Right now the description of the components don’t mention those (as in Legacy’s). I assume they are the same but just want to be sure.
Can we say that they are based on ASHRAE 55 description/settings?

If i may suggest, i would add the relevant Legacy descriptions to both Psychrometric and PMV polygon components.


Yes, the comfort polygon is taken directly from the PMV comfort model, which is used by both ASHRAE-55 and EN-16798. Specifically, the original Fanger model is used at low air speeds and, at higher air speeds, the Standard Effective Temperature (SET) model is used to compute the cooling effect of the air movement. By default, the polygon shows the range from -0.5 to +0.5 PMV, corresponding to 10% PPD or above.

For the strategy polygons, the methods were generally taken from Climate Consultant, though they’re all really simple and a bit hacky in some cases such that I imagine Climate Consultant isn’t the only one using them.

Thanks @chris for your prompt response.
It is important to know where things are coming from. Just today i had a meeting trying to implement the bioclimatic analysis in our local code, and the question arise about what is the base of the chart. That’s why i asked right away.


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