Pv component shows very low values


i’m using the ladybug photovoltaic surface component. The output of this component is very low (7.2 * 10^-7 kWh) which is very unrealistic of coarse. I’ve checked the directions of the normals, that’s towards the sun.

Could somebody help me? Is this a bug, or do I oversee something?

thank you!

pv component low values.gh (388 KB)

Hi Milan,

Glad to hear you are using the Photovoltaics components.
moduleEfficiency_ input of the “Photovoltaics module” component should always be expressed in percent not in fraction.
The same goes for moduleActiveAreaPercent_ input.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Djordje,

thank you so much! Stupid mistake, but you have to see it :slight_smile:

it helps,

thanks again!