PV Components Not Fully Supported in Rhino 8

Hi @chris

As of today (2024.3.19), I’ve found that the PV components are partially unsupported by Rhino 8 in recent developer releases, but in Rhino 7, they work perfectly, as shown in the schematic I posted.

Rhino 8

Rhino 7

On a side note, from what I’ve seen, the PV component in LBT version 1.7.30 has very good support for Rhino 8.

Hopefully, this will help you with subsequent modifications and development!


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Hi @ZhengrongTao, it seems this happens on my side as well with Rhino 8 SR4.
But it can be solved by re-enabling the component, and it only happens on the first component that you added to a document. Am I missing anything?

Thank you for testing @MingboPeng

Yes, I can repeat what you did, he is indeed the first component to get the error. But for those who don’t know, this is very “weird”, because I have used LBT version 1.7.30 and the latest version in Rhino7 without any problems.

Hey @ZhengrongTao ,

This is a bug in Rhino 8.3-8.4 that McNeel has already fixed in Rhino 8.5. So another way to get this issue to go away is to just update to the Rhino 8.5 release candidate, which should be official pretty soon. More info is over here on the McNeel forum:

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