PV energy calculation result

Hello all:
I use E+ to calculate the energy consumption of PV.
The result of E+ has prolem:1. Daylighting controls have been applied to office_0.
This component does not model daylighting controls.
To model daylight controls, use the Export to OpenStudio component.
But the OpenStudio has no HBGenerators.

1_new_HB_PV roof_error.gh (635.5 KB)

Hi @TianYixin,

what is your question then exactly?
The message you posted is a simple info -“warning” message, will not affect your simulation.

Thank you for your reply!
I can’t get the consumption of lighting and heating energy.

Hi @TianYixin

I think you need to add data to the HBZones input on the HB Normalize Data by Floor Area component. All your Mass Additions from cooling, heating and lighting have values already.

Thanks, but my error is still .The result file does not exist.

2_new_HB pv ROOF error.gh (643.1 KB)

I updated the file (2_new_HB pv ROOF error_AY.gh (715.5 KB)).
The runEnergySimulation fails to simulate (you can find some discussions addressing this. This component is not updated, at least not for the generation possibilities). Instead i used the exportToOpenStudio and it runs fine.

Next time, please, upload a simplified version of the file. This one took 1 hour to parse the results in the readEPResult.

I believe that if you sync with the github or update HB the runEnergySimulation will run your case. It was updated today!!
See this.

As always, excellent work and can’t thank you enough for it!