PV generation system not working

Hy guys!
I was working with HB version 0.62, and enerything in my PV generation system was working fine. Then I updated it to v. 0.63 and I started getting an error with Run E+ component: “PV_gen object has no attribute ‘surface name’”, even though I haven’t changed anything. Does someone have an idea of what might be wrong?

This looks more like an issue with inputs. Hard to say without looking at the file though. Can you share a minimal version of your file with the geometries internalized?

Hey Devang!!
Thanks for your help! I can share my file here, but I think that the problem is really with some component or the computers I am using. I also tried to reload the file shared to help users to model PV generation in hydrashare.github, but it is also not working… It was working when I was using HB 0.62. Maybe I should go back to this version…Honeybee_generation.rar (2.5 MB)

Please have a look to @AntonSzilasi comment here

He updated the HB Generators to work only with Openstudio !

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Oh! I hadn’t seen that… So, I might need to move back my HB version, once my Exporto to OS component is not working… Thank you very much, @MohammedAlshayeb :slightly_smiling_face: