PV generator component error: solar panel covers >100% of surface, which is not the case

In the attached GH file, the PV generator component gives the following error message:

Error! According to your inputs solar panels cover more than 100% of the surface area of the Honeybee surface shdSrf_0_0_ee9bb25f-9c82-46f7-a639-d28aaca6562f
Are you sure that the power rating and the number of modules on each surface is correct?
This value is calculated from the total power output of each PV generator (The sum of each PV module in that generator) divided by the surface area of the surface they are mounted on.

… which doesn’t seem to be correct as the PV covers only 91.6% of the surface as specified in the model according to the following calculation formula as I understand from Anton’s explanation on this component:

May I ask the source of problem in this case?


PV generator issue _v001.gh (479.5 KB)

… apologize, the problem is caused by wrong unit in Rhino: it should be Meters.

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@Grasshope, yes I just added this to the error message