PV Ladybug CEC Component_Aug23_2020_update

Hello everyone. The PV libraries for CEC component had an update to the .csv file recently. I have edited the CEC component and attached below the files, that can read the latest .csv file from https://github.com/NREL/SAM/tree/develop/deploy/libraries. Hope this works.
@chris @djordje @mostapha @devang
CEC Modules.zip (952.3 KB)
Updated_CEC_Aug_23_2020.gh (377.5 KB)

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Thanks Asis. Will take a look.

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Thanks, @Asisnath , for the updated component and, @devang , for testing. Once we confirm that the updated component is working as intended can either one of you send a pull request to the ladybug legacy repo and I’ll merge it into the official code base.

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Updated_CEC_Aug_24_2020.gh (372.3 KB)
I don’t see issues with changes made by @Asisnath.
Hi Asis,
I updated the date in the attached component and I can help you create a pull request if you would like to create one. If not, then I will create one myself.

Thanks @devang for checking. I would be happy to receive your help. How can i pull request?

As a first step, please create an account on github. We start from there.