PV related output in the csv results file are shifted left-wise for 7 columns

I have to point out that I’m unable to replicate the second problem reported below using the example file attached, strangely. Nevertheless, appreciate your advice if you had similar issues before.

  1. the building messing breps are not accepted by the intersectMass component, with the error shown below. I have to connect the breps directly to the zone2Mass component. These breps are imported from Rhino directly, rather than geometry output of other HB components.

This component only works with raw Rhino brep geometry and not HBZones. Use this component before you turn your breps into HBZones.

  1. The simulation is set as monthly, so no hourly data, except for the PV related output variables. However, their values in the csv file are shifted to the left for 7 columns. However, date read from the SQLite and the html file seems to be correct.

…where it is supposed to be shown like this:

May I ask:

  1. why the breps cannot be processed by intersectMass?
  2. why the PV related output is shifted to the left in the csv file?


csv_issue_v001.gh (1.1 MB)

The same reason as this one!