Quality Views - New Update Error Mesh to Surface Bug?

On a previous version of ladybug tools, this component connection was automatic, even though it is a mesh to a surface, it will automatically transform it, but in the new version I am not able to do that, is this a bug, or something similar? I updated and it suddenly doesn’t let me do that.

Original File: quality_views.gh (193.2 KB)

If you connect a mesh it won’t make a grid for it. It will be taken as it is.
If you want the Legacy grid you need to input a surface/brep geometry.

@AbrahamYezioro sorry I am a bit new to this, I understand I have to input a surface/brep geometry into the SrfCP parameter, so you mean I have to transform the mesh into a grid and then into a brep to be able to read it as a surface?

I would try something like this:


This worked! thank you so much!!