Question About Converting Irradiance into MRT

Hi, Chris! I used to be a fan of V.1.3.0 until I started to think of light-heat transformation. After searching through the forum, I found a way to calculate the heat impact of sun patches. This link Surface Temperature under reflected solar heat gain shared an operable way to simulate light-heat impact. And it really requires some key functions of HB+ to conduct this simulation. Such as ‘Hourly Values’ can convert annual radiation into hourly irradiance and split into direct values and diffuse values to generate an MRT map. I don’t know how to realize it in 1.3.0, so I rebuild it in HB+. How can I find a good way to do the same thing?

As I mentioned on that other post, all of the capabilities that convert horizontal shortwave irradiance components into MRT experienced by a human are in the comfort maps of the LBT plugin. So just use one of those comfort maps and you’ll have the full capabilities of that old HB+ sample.

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