Question about data collections from the new peak loads component

Hi @chris ,

On the new HB Peak Loads, reading the explanation of “peak_cool” and “peak_heat” it says for multi-room simulations, the summing of the individual values per room might not give the right size of the central sytem needed. It’s better use the max of the data collection. Though reading the “cooling” or “heating” output, it says it has 144values, but I’m not sure how to extract the individual values from there for later evaluation of the Max.


The only thing it comes to my mind now is while using the LB Monthly chart, if I don’t add any Max on the Legend Parameters, the chart will show the Max. I guess there is better and more aquare ways XD.

Any data collection can be deconstructed into a header and the list of values using the “LB Deconstruct Data” component. This is true no matter where the data collection comes from, whether it’s imported from an EPW or output by an energy simulation.