Question about Daysim occupancy generator component

Hi Dear all,

I have a question about creating occupancy file using occupancy generator component. The case I am working on is a school dinning hall, thus the occupied hours are three separate hours per day, at 10 12 and 15, also summer and winter holidays should be considered. To set up this occupancy file, the component was plugged in shown in the screenshot. However, the generated csv file doesn’t give me what I expected, occupancy written as 0 in days from January to June.

Could someone tell me a way to solve it?

I could generate two csv files by plugging in only one analysis period each time and manually sew them in excel, but I am sure there is better than that.

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Hi Xueting,

Try the other component for occupancy generator. You can generate a list of numbers for 8760 hours of the year.

If you haven’t done it before you can use duplicateData component to duplicate a daily schedule for the year and then use replace item to replace days for winter/summer break with 0. You may also find Ladybug DOY HOY component useful to calculate the index for winter/summer break.

Hi dear all,

I have tne same question as Xueting met before.I can understand the meaning,but i don’t know the specific method.Do you have a example to let me to reference?It’s an urgent problem to me!

Thanks a lot!

Hope this helps (469.1 KB)

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Hi devang and all,

I want to build an dynamic lighting schedule which can change with the daylighting. Yesterday I tired two methods respectively as mostapha and devang provided to sovle the summer and winter problem. But I also met some other questions.I hope someone can help me!sincerely!

Solution1: I tried mostapha’s solution . First,I use “dailyOffHours” of “Daysim Occupancy Generator” to set a list of hours that building is unoccupied .

Second,I use “replace items” to replace days for winter/summer break with 0.

Question1 (aimed at Solution 1):

This is the lighting schedule of Solution 1.why the dayoffhours is not like I set berore from 0 to 6 and 20 to 23?

Question2 (aimed at Solution 1):the electriclightload is far lower than the realistic situation.

The picture above is a successful situation I met by using “solution 2” just once a time.In my opinion,‘solution 1’ and ‘solution 2’ should have the same lighting schedule as the picture above.So what caused the diference under the same logic? and why the electriclightload is so low?!

Solution2:I use devang’s solution.

Question3 (aimed at Solution 2):

The occvalues can wipe off winter/summer and saturday/sunday.
But the lighting schedule can’t wipe out saturday/sunday.what’s the problem?(but it made it successfully once as I mentioned above)

Thanks a lot!

model.3dm (76.8 KB) (792.7 KB) (792.5 KB)