Question about Honeybee re-run IDF component

Hello I am doing some work that basically consists in testing the environmental performance of the same building in different locations (90 locations)

So, in order to reduce the simulation time I use colibri to generate al the IDF files and then I used the Honeybee re-run IDF component to do the actual simulations.

My question is a simple one, regarding the logic of the component inputs. On the IDFfilePath input I connected a list with all the addresses of the IDF files on the computer, and on the second option EPWfileAddress I connected a list with all the weather files, so there are two list plugged, 90 IDFs and 90 EPWs.

The question is, when I press run it, are the two list automatically going be paired? Like item 0 with item 0, 1 with 1 and so on?

I ran all the component and 8,281‬ were made (90x90) how can I do only the 90 with multi tread?

Had you tried graft the data? image