Question about surface reorganization in Honneybee[+]

Dear all,

I am new to Honeybee[+] but have been using Honeybee for a while. I start using Honeybee[+] to run annual daylight simulation with BSDF material. However while setting up the model geometry, I found that the new Honeybee Plus_Honeybee Surface component cannot generate certain surface with curved edges.

I ran a brief image simulation in Honeybee[+] to check a surface I built in Rhino, and the comparison between Rhino surface and the same surface in HDR image generated from the image simulation in Honeybee[+]:

Did anyone encounter similar issues before? The same geometry runs fine (showing correctly in rendering) in Honeybee but not Honeybee [+]. Is there any way to fix it or a certain method to generate the curve edge surface I should use? Thanks for your help in advance!


@Xiufang, That’s a bug! Since the surface is planar Honeybee[+] doesn’t mesh the surface (which it should!). Can you mesh the surface inside Grasshopper before connecting it to Honeybee Surface component?

Thanks Mostapha! Problem solved! I used Mesh Brep in grasshopper and the geometry works fine now.

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