Question about the sun position when changes the _sunpathscale

Hallo dear community,

I have a little strange question.

For a project, I need to analyze the glare caused by the glassfassade of a new building.
To find some critical points, I made some specular reflections, having as source the various sun positions of a specific day.

In many cases, the specular ray tracing was quite realistic based on the result of the glare analysis (How I see the reflected Sun).

In other cases, where I should have seen the reflection of the sun (based on the raytracing), I only saw a general glare on the glass.

I also tried to analyze with shorter time intervals, but nothing.

Is possible that the inaccuracy of my specular reflections, is based on the sun position? Because when I change the _sunpathscale, changes the angle of the sun vector for the same exact time/period.
If so, wich sunpath scale is recommanded to be more specular to the Honeybee Sky? or maybe the reason is another?

Best Regard
Liam R.

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Interesting @LiamRuvio,
I have observed that you will see the sun in the scene when the focus on the camera is parallel to the reflection. I believe that in the last image that you shared, the camera is not directly parallel to the reflection for the sun at that time.

This has nothing to do with the sunpath scale on a Ladybug Sunpath component