Question about the Tree transparency setting problem on the study of simulating the influence of tree shading on the house energy consumption

Hi, everyone, we are working on a project about the simulating the influence of tree shading on the house energy consumption, the tree is a deciduous tree, so we are setting the Schedule is 0.2 in winter, and o.8 in summer(we have tested the radiation change in summer under the tree shading). It is very strange that the result changed a lot after using the EPTransSchedule. Before using the Schedule, the tree shading reduced the cooling energy consumption 3.83%(it means the tree opacity), but only 0.03% left after adding the Schedule. When we simulated the heating energy consumption, it added 1.91% when trees shade the house in winter, but the number changed to 2.43% after adding the Schedule(the number should be reduce for adding the transparency of the tree);
Our qusetions are : 1、Is the EPTransSchedule suitable for simulating the influence of tree shading on the house? 2、Is the setting number of Schedule means the annul change of transparency of the tree? Is my setting of the EPTransSchedule correct?

Yes, that’s one of the main purposes of the transmittance schedule.

I don’t know exactly what you’re asking here but, if you used a seasonal schedule or a CSV schedule (aka. FixedInterval Schedule), then you can change the transparency over the course of year and not just from day to day.

There’s no way to know without a file or at least a screenshot.