Question about zone name rules


Hello everyone,

I have a project with more than 1000 zone, i really need to understand zone naming rules. It looks like randomly. I tried many things but i didnt.

Do you have any tips for the arrange the zone names like clockwise or other rules, otherwise should i make it zone by zone without Honeybee_Masses2Zones?


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Hi @oguzhankoral
I typically use Layers in Rhino to manage the zones and use Laybug_sortByLayer to get its layer name and assign it as names:



Thanks for your quick response and good explanation @MingboPeng. :slight_smile: I just downloaded the Ladybug_SortByLayers to try your way. I hope it will be easier to arrange zones.



Hello @MingboPeng. I tried using sort layer and its working too. But when i try to see the zone name through honeybee zone attribute component, the text dispalyed on zones are not clear. Is this a bug?


Hi @Asisnath
Please remove flatten (right click the input) on this “_zoneMasses” input.

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Thanks it worked @MingboPeng.:ok_hand:


Hi Minbo,

Where did you download this module? I cannot find it anywhere.



Hi @ElzineBraasch Laybug_sortByLayer compotent is in Ladybug after you installed ironbug.

And here is the download link of ironbug.

This is the screenshot of ironbug.


Awesome thank you! :slight_smile: