Question in Read Annual Result of Honeybee?

Hi guys, I met with a problem with ‘Honybee_read Annual Result 1’. When I changed the ‘_DLAillumThresholds’ from 300lux to 1000lux, the annualProfiles didn’t change at all. I broken down the generated schedules into values, and the values were all the same for 300lux and 1000lux. Is it a bug?

20180409-daylighting (525.6 KB)

If you don’t set the sensor then all the points will be set to sensors and Daysim will generate the annual profile based on the worst point. Try to pick a specific sensor and try again.

PS: This was not a question for Honeybee[+] or radiation so I changed the category and keyword.

Hi Mostapha, thanks your quick reply. I appreciate it a lot. I tried to add one sensor, but the results for 300lux and 1000 lux are still the same. See the attachment.
If this cannot work, as I am trying to add different illuminance thresholds to different spaces, are there other ways to make this?20180409-daylighting (531.1 KB)

Aha, just another try.

I also changed the _lighting Set Point in lighting control component, then the results for different illuminance thresholds are different. And the result seems logic, that the higher illuminance threshold, the higher possibility to turn on lights. BUT, I don’t quite understand why.

Hi Mostapha,
I have another question for Read Annual Result of Honeybee. I checked the changed schedule in the output of annualProfiles. The changed schedule looks irrational. see the screen shot. It shows that after 5 pm, the lights are still turned on.

another question, I used two ways to transfer the annualProfile into schedules: one is convert Energplus schedule to values, the other is Daysim annual profile. Surprisely, the results are different. Do you know Why?

Can you explain the formulate behind the ‘Read Annual Result of Honeybee’ for how to calculate the changed schedule? Or why can I find the explanation?
20180628-test electric schedule based on (616.4 KB)

That is most likely the effect of Daysim switch program. I guess it is assuming people leave the lights on!

Hi Mostapha,
Thanks for your reply. But I don’t agree with you. Because I used the original lighting schedule as the occupancy file in ‘Read Annual Result’. The changed schedule should be generated based on the original schedule, i.e. after 17:00, the lights should be switched off gradually. I tried different control types, e.g. ‘always on during occupancy hours with auto dimming’ and ‘auto dimming with switch off occupancy sensors’, and the results are the same.

Besides, I checked the changed schedule in DIVA, integrating daylight with thermal simulation. the schedule in DIVA looks rational, which starts to decrease after 17:00. (,reinhart_radiance-workshop-presentation_daysim.pdf, page 61).

Is this a bug of Honeybee?

Both Honeybee and DIVA use Daysim for calculating annual profiles. Honeybee doesn’t calculate the profile itself. See the batch files in the folder to see the exact commands.