Questions about heating and cooling output data


I can’t explain myself why I get a extreme heating Results out of a simple one-zoning office, and also, I couldn’t understand some warnings of the running analysis, is there anybody can explain this?

thank you in advance,

@Siweiliu14632 ,
Those warnings from the energy simulation are normal and they have nothing to do with any extremeness of your heating / cooling results. They are basically just reminding you that energyplus is choosing some defaults for you.

Can you explain why you think the heating/cooling results are extreme? Or upload an example GH file showing how they are different than what you expect?

Hi @chris
I think the heating/cooling results are extreme just from my experience and other people’s Simulation results. It will be more convincing that the results are just hundreds or tens. I tried to run another model to make an comparision, but it gave me a new problem"at least one of the mandatory inputs in missing", and that is really confused me, could you help me to figure out the problem? Thank you in advance.
参考模型修改by (657.6 KB)

Check required inputs of the component. “At least one of them is missing”!

I tried, I have almost the same inputs component in another model, the other model run, but this one not.

Hi @Siweiliu14632,
Please find revised file 参考模型修改by (660.9 KB)
I fixed a few things and then the file runs on my machne.
Please take care of the following;

  1. Pay attention to the case of the construction name
  2. On SetEp Airflow component, Some inputs were incorrectly assigned. Please pay attention to the input descriptions.
  3. As @mostapha pointed out, one of the inputs was missing. And that was HbZones. Just connecting HBZones output to the EnergyPlus component is not enough. Always check if closed breps are actually being supplied.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you @devang
It runs under your instruction. But the output had some warnings, and I have checked that I have made the closed breps.

Hi @Siweiliu14632

Your model has either non-convex surfaces or zones. Please go through this and that

Hope this will help!