Questions about Ladybug's development direction for Dynamo

Hello. We are working on ways to effectively simulate energy in BIM processes through Honeybee and Ladybug.
Currently, Revit is the main tool we use, so we are working on how to use Honeybee Node in Dynamo. However, I haven’t been able to find a way to solve the persistent error. Looking through the forums, I found an article stating that Revit is no longer supporting it.
We haven’t found a way to continue this research and we want to know if we should completely abandon our expectations or wait for Ladybug to fix it.
If anyone knows Ladybug’s exact future direction for Revit, please let me know.
We have Revit API developers, so if there is a way to fix the problem on our own at the API level, someone would be grateful if anyone could tell us.

Hi @Seungbae_Kim As I know, Ladybug for Dynamo is very slow. But now, there is another solution:directly use honeybee in Revit. Here is more details about this.


Thank you. It really helped a lot. We look forward to the progress of this add-in.

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