Questions on carry out daylight simulation with multiple sky but a same model(version1.40)

Hi, I have a problem when I use honeybee to make some CIE-sky-based point-in-time daylighting simulation. The simulation processes for a building model with several different CIE sky would carry out one after one independently, where the generation of the building model settings repeated. Although this is only about 1-2s for 1 run, it would be added up to a very long time if I have a lot of runs.

So I am seek for help to cut down the time of the repeated model settings generate…

(I notice the settings of reload_old_, but it seems cannot solve my problem. I also tried to recode the ‘point-in-time recipe’ component in python to make an inner loop for multiple sky after setting the model input, but it failed… )

Hey @yufei ,

I am not sure what inefficiency you are trying to get around here. If you want to run a series of point-in-time simulations, then you need to create a separate octree for each scene with a sky and you need to run a separate Ray tracing study.

So trying to edit the point-in-time recipe is not going to give you much benefit here. Maybe the only inefficiency here is in the serialization of the Honeybee model to Radiance files but you can get around this by using the “HB Model To Rad Folder” component to translate you model once and then plug in the path to this folder into the _model input of the recipe.

Or, if you are truly looking for efficient ways to run a single Ray tracing calculation that can be used to compute irradiance or illuminance for multiple hours, you should look at the “Annual” recipes instead of the point-in-time ones.

Hi @chris, thanks for the reply. The “HB Model To Rad Folder” is a good idea to solve my problem.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @chris , sorry for interrupt again.
I have tried the “HB Model To Rad Folder” component to translate my model, but when I plug in the output folder path into the _model input of the point-in-time recipe, the recipe can’t run and shows warnings " invalid file path".
I also try to concat the path with “\model\folder.cfg”, the recipe can run a bit, but it still failed to run because it failed to "CreateRadFolder“.
I really don’t know why…

Make sure that you are using LBT version 1.5 as this is a relatively recent feature.