Questions on HB energy balance model simulation

Hi community!

I’ve just completed the hb energy balance simulation for my first model with reference to many great posts and tutorials from the community. Nonetheless, here’re a few questions I ran into while doing the analysis.

    I wanted to create three operable skylights as shown, and I tried with adding_aperture and creating_skylights_based_on_ratio, it seems both are not able to add these windows to the model.
    I read previous post from @chris pointing out for skylights there’s a boundary condition we need to check, yet I haven’t found out the place for doing this.
    Also, as the roof has a 10-deg slope, I’m not sure if this might cause problem for window creation?

    As the building is a public space for youth, which will not be in use from 22pm-7am, I set all schedules to 0 during this time period. But from the results, it seems all hours are being considered.
    As indeed, I didn’t exclude 22pm-7am duration from the analysis period, is this the reason for this? If so, is there a way to exclude certain hours each day for analysis period?

  3. ISSUE on HVAC
    I wanted to add a air-to-water heat pump to the system to see the changes in energy performace, but after connecting the HVAC system to the model, the results didn’t show the cooling and heating portions. Does anyone know the possible reasons for this? Also, may I know which system fits better for a AWHP?

    This is rather a question on aesthetic preference though, after watching the youtube tutorials from Chris where he used HB-legacy, I’d like to know if there’s a similar way to modify the transparancy of color faces in HB?

Thank you in advance for reading my long posts.
Appreciate any answers and help!

Attached gh.file for your reference. (718.3 KB)