Questions on shadings on facade

Hi All, I modelled the bimetal shadings as seen in this image attached. However, when I run the incident radiation test, it seems like there is no effect on the solar incident radiation values at all (same solar incident radiation as “no shades”). Technically, I think it should work as the bimetal cast shadows and is blocking the sunlight but seems like grasshopper does not recognize it, so I tried to enlarge one element to represent shade (as seen in the model on the right) and it works. Do you have any idea why?

I just wanted to prove that the bimetal shadings can be used to optimise the daylight and glare within the building as well as reduce the solar heat gain inside the building.

Thank you in advance!

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Is the incident radiation offset input greater than the depth of the shading?


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Hi Charlie,

Thank you so much for your response. That is the reason why! as I put the shades very close to the facade (probably less than 10cm). Now it works! Thank you so much.

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I might as well just post another question into the forum!

The image above shows the bimetal shades I modelled. I have managed to make it reduces the incident radiation values by moving the shades a bit further from the building surface (I am not sure it that is how I am supposed to do it but it worked!)

HOWEVER, the solar gain doesn’t seem to be reduced at all even though the bimetal shades help reduce significant level of the incident radiation. Do you know why?

I have been exploring this “Blind material” tool but I am not sure the difference between blind and shade material component. Are the bimetal elements modelled considered as blind or shade?
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Sorry for having so many questions and I hope you can help me solve this issue for my project.

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I’d recommend watching the climate analysis and energy modelling tutorials here:

There’s several ways you could model it, partly dependent on the exact details of the shade (internal, external, operable).

Modelling it as a simple HB shade may give you the solar gain result you’re looking for fastest, but you might want to look into a few methods for a more accurate approach.

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your response, I just saw this! I will have a look at the tutorial and will update on forum if I still haven’t managed to fix it.

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