Questions regarding reading/visualizing the ENVI-met results data in grasshopper

I hope everyone’s healthy,
I am using Dragonfly, the great work by @AntonelloDiNunzio to analyze thermal indices in an open park with a simple geometry, which consists of different materials.
I have completed the ENVI-met simulation and I have the following questions regarding reading and visualizing the results in the grasshopper:

  1. To visualize the results, I am using DF Envimet Read Grid Results and in its descriptions, it says:

Connect the output of this component to LB Recolor Mesh to visualize data.

What should I connect to the _inputMesh input of this component? (or, how to create mesh from ENVI-met Grid?)

2. Also about the results, I have a problem understanding the data structure.
for example in my recent file (the screenshot below), I understand that “182” is the number of points in Z grid. but, what does 25 refer to?

3. can I use ENVI-met for annual calculations?

Hi @Nimafo,

I have uploaded a small example here where I use LBT - but the concept is the same: example
DF legacy envimet components use:

  • 3D INX file to generate the grid (slice of the grid or building facades in X, Y or Z)
  • envimet output folder to get the numerical results - just connecting the full path of the envimet output folder
  • Recolor mesh (Heatmap) from Ladybug Legacy or LBT to display the results

Please, follow the example and let me know if it clarifies the question 1. and 2.

If you have a machine with many CPUs to rent and a small and simple model you could do it. However, the most common use of ENVI-Met is by scenario with 24-48 hours of simulation time.