Radation problems

Wanted a little help with a radiation study wasn’t sure if I was going about it the wrong way. The attached ladybug file generates a correct ( I assume ) radiation map but when I add the solar shades, as the context, it seems to not calculate the radiation correctly. The radiation then reads as a consistent gradient across the façade. I use the shades as the context in the analysis maybe there is a better way to go about this study, do I need to adjust the grid size? Any help would be appreciated.

NEIU radaiton.gh (79.9 KB)


If you can please internalize the geometry …

Sorry here it is

Sorry here is the file

parent surface.3dm (108 KB)

This is not good. The file doesn’t fit the script.

The better is to internalize the geometry into the brep components.


Hi Jim and Abraham, Jim! Did my email solved the problem? -Mostapha