Radiance "blotching" with translucent material

Hi all!

I hope I have the right term here, but I am having some issues with “blotching”, i.e. circular patches in the rendered images (see below).

I am wondering if someone here knows how to set the radiance parameters to get rid of blotching. To add another level of complexity to my problem, I am running simulations with a translucent material with the following properties:

void trans testTrans

Hi Örn,

This is a great question for Radiance’s email list. If they can’t help you there, which I’m pretty sure they will, I will be happy to take on this one.

It can be both because of the material definition or radiance parameters. I assume you have already checked this document (http://radiance-online.org/community/workshops/2010-freiburg/PDF/Da…). If you haven’t then you should.

Thanks Mostapha, I’m familiar with the document. I also posted my question on the Radiance email list and received answers yesterday. I will try their suggestions and report back.

Hi Mostapha, would it be possible to add an optional input to the RadianceParameter component that would allow you to manually change the parameters which are currently automatically assigned by the component? For example:

I would like to try to edit some of these parameters to fix my blotching issue :slight_smile:

Yes! It is definitely possible and looks like a great idea. What do you think about accepting a string instead of another component. I just assume if you are an advance user you should be comfortable with typing something like: -av 0 -dc 0.75 -st 0.15 -ps 2

Then the component can parse in the values and we avoid a pretty huge component. Let me know your thoughts on this.

I think that is an excellent idea Mostapha. It serves the same purpose while avoiding unnecessary confusion for those that have less understanding.

Here you go! I just committed the new version to github. Let me know if you find any bugs.

Thanks Mostapha!

It works like a charm :slight_smile: