Radiance capability in honeybee

Hi, I have a question, I am involved in a project that I have to consider the sDA and ASE and also the glare evaluation through the geometry of glass.to be clear, imagine that there is a concave/convex glass in front of a window, you know in reality the shape of light passed through them as well the energy concentration associated with them are special, do honeybee and ladybug or also honeybee+ understand the behavior of light after passing these geometries? such that I could rely on to investigate the aforementioned indexes without worrying about the physical behavior of light?

These are a lot of questions rolled into one.

This can be done with Honeybee.

I think the best way to simulate this will be the radiation analysis recipe in honeybee.

For accurate calculation of ASE you should use Honeybee[+]. Read more here about why: