Radiance Material ashik2 causes fatal error

I’m trying to calculate annual glare for a Rhino view, I assigned ashik2 radiance material, but I keep getting a message “fatal error reading line 511”. When I replace this material with plastic I don’t get any errors?

Any thoughts!

What is exactly ashik2 material?

Hi Mostapha,

You can find more info about the ashik material in this link


Now, the simulations work fine, but after careful look at the .rad file, I found out that the material ashik2 isn’t passed to the .rad file generated by Honeybee. I doubt that it’s Honeybee’s fault, simply because I’m having the same problem when I use DIVA as well.

Did you try to use it with point in time simulation? This might be a limitation of Daysim which doesn’t support this material type.