Radiance materials Source (website)

Hey guys, I came across this website that lets you look up and define radiance materials.

Hope you find this useful as well!


P.S: i came across this as I was searching for materials to assign to my model. Thought I might as well post it here so someone like me, who is relatively new to the environment finds it useful. I am sure that there are other websites as well

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Hi Nishant,

That is a great resource indeed. Just be careful when you are using materials with specular highlights and roughness. For some reason, even the metallic materials are defined as plastics on that website.

This is fine if the material does not have any specularity and roughness.

For his material the assignment of plastic/metal does not make much difference: http://www.lighting-materials.com/materials/1820

This site is not accessible now. Could you please recommend another resources to find materials definitions?

It’s here. Good luck!


Thank you so much :pray:

This website is not accessible. Do we have any other site?

Alstan is aware of the issue and the website is not going to be back online before summer.

Any alternative @devang

The material repository that Thomas Bleicher had created for Su2Rad almost a decade ago is pretty reliable: https://github.com/tbleicher/su2rad/blob/4874befa4c1b7af5e95d6fc9b2da6c6f2027c7d5/su2rad/su2radlib/ray/materials.rad

And then depending on how deep the Radiance rabbit-hole you want to go, with some digging, (with the exception of BSDFs,) you can pretty much find every type of material on the Radiance website. Some examples here: https://floyd.lbl.gov/mgf/scenes.html, https://floyd.lbl.gov/radiance/pub/models/index.html . The models/materials on the Radiance webpage are at least two-three decades, however, Radiance hasn’t changed much on that front from the early 90s. Some of the material definitions might actually turn out to be more reliable (physically) than the ones that were created recently, as a lot of those created for validation projects.



Just an update for all Radiance lover. http://spectraldb.com/ is live again now.