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I am currently trying to understand Radiance parameters as shown in “The RADIANCE 4.2 Synthetic Imaging System”. In particular, I’m trying to understand how to recall Prism1 in HoneyBee through the Radiance Material Library.

Attached you can find a screenshot from the mentioned manual.

I hope someone can help me!

Thank you

Hi Alessandro,

Prism is similar to any other radiance material. Just add them to the library and use the name or connect the full material definition to the component.

I made an example file based on this document: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1307.4214.pdf - Check page 12. There are references that are mentioned in the document that you can check to learn more about the input values. I played with radiance input parameters but couldn’t get that far with my laptop. I really like to what a high-res render would look like and if it is possible to get different colors by setting up the input parameters for prism surface correctly.

prism.gh (456 KB)

Hello Mostapha,

First of all thank you for the quick reply!

I’ll try to apply your script on my model and I’ll keep you update on next results.

Thank you also for the document you put, it will be essential for my design.



Hi Mostapha!
The file is no longer available, do you think you could uploaded again. I am facing a similar issue.

Thank you in advance,

Here’s the original discussion from the old forum:

It looks like the file is still there but be warned that the current software is VERY different from what it was 6 years ago.

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Thank you Chris!