Radiance Rendering

Hi All,

I am aiming for a realistic rendering with Radiance.

Following is the radiance render

of following geometry

I have used following radiance parameters for this render:

What I would like to achieve is something like this where the blinds are conspicuous in the render.

Can somebody offer any advice on radiance parameters?

Hi Devang, see this. Other than that, the original instructions for rpict still apply.
If you want to test BSDFs before generating them, you can find a few examples in the blinds directory. Since you intend to look at the blinds, I would suggest sticking to TensorTree BSDFs.


Thanks @sarith,

The unmethours post is a good one. I am aware of radiance options page. I have tried a few combinations but it got me no where. May be I need to keep trying. I see your point about using BSDF and I am looking into this.

My understanding is, using a BSDF may give more accurate illluminance results since it addresses the issue of rays getting lost in a CFS, but it will not take me close to the rendering that I posted from one of the Jan Weinold’s presentatons, would it?


Here is an example with a fourth order tensor tree. The model is simple and the ambient settings were pretty low. Most of the heavy lifting is done by genBSDF:

@devang ,
Also, if you end up going a route of simulating the shade geometries, you should use the ambient resolution component, which gives you the ad that you will need to resolve the shades (given the size of your scene in HBObjects and the aa):

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Hey guys,

I discovered this post a little late, but @devang I’m curious to know what was the end result? Also, did you look into Proxy geometry / sandwich BSDF route? Here’s a presentation from one of the old radiance workshops about it. Slides 31 - 39 are the ones that talk about it.

RW2012_Geisler-moroder_BSDF_tutorial_s.pdf (3.1 MB)

I believe you could achieve a good render with this method, even with a low resolution i.e. Klems BSDF. What do you think @sarith ?

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Hi @MohammadHamza, The image in my post above the proxy geometry approach: Radiance Rendering . You are unlikely to get patterned shadows if you do not use proxy geometry.

Right! That’s so obvious…! Sorry, my bad. Thanks for pointing that out.

That’s a really good reference @MohammadHamza. Thanks for sharing. I have not yet achieved the satisfactory results. Eventually, I will.