Radiant flooring setup issue


I am trying to simulate a simple model of a building with DOAS with VRF and radiant floor. I’m not sure how to apply these in the script, I got few warnings and errors. Here is what I have done:

  • At first I applied DOAS + VRF and floor heating through HB Radiant HVAC Properties This is the warning I got:

1. No Rooms with a Radiant HVAC were found among the connected _rooms.

Make sure that a Radiant HVAC has been assigned with either the

“HB DOAS HVAC” or “HB HeatCool HVAC” component.

Although the simulation worked, I still got quite low numbers for heating and cooling.

  • As a test, I then tried the following HB DOAS HVAC templates:

DOAS with low temperature radiant chiller with district hot water

DOAS with low temperature radiant chiller with air source heat pump

I got the following error and the simulation did not work:

  1. Solution exception:Failed to run OpenStudio CLI:
    Optional not initialized

  • Finally these two templates for radiant districts worked:

DOAS with low temperature radiant district chilled water with district hot water.

DOAS with low temperature radiant district chilled water with air source heat pump.

Here are the values for comparison. As you can see, the heating and cooling is very different in all three results, with the “DOAS with VRF” being the lowest. Can anyone please explain to me why for this particular simulation DOAS with radiant district works but with radiant chiller it doesn’t? And as I mentioned at the beginning, can you please help me to set up the system as I intended, that is DOAS + VRF and a radiant floor.


radiantfloor1.gh (120.1 KB)

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Hey, @chris you are able to help me again? :pray:

@mostapha @MingboPeng any ideas?

Hi @karnas, can you connect a panel to the out output of the component, and share the full error message?

Hi @mostapha.

The problem disappeared after I changed computers. I also updated LB Tools, but I’m not sure what exactly helped. Sorry to bother you before.

Now I started to do a bigger simulation as my small model started to work, but I got this fatal error:

Runtime error (PythonException): ** Fatal ** Program terminates due to preceding condition.