Radiation analysis and glass materials

Hi guys,

I remember having looked at this in the past but can’t retrieve the answer to my question in my messy bookmarks bar - so here I am asking some more thorough experts how to deal with glass transmission properties when running radiation analysis.

It’s probably more of a Radiance question actually.

How do you set up the “Tvis” glass transmission properties if you want to look at W/m² behind a glazed facade ?
The g-value is often half of the visible transmission, but how to account for that in Radiance ?

I vaguely remember the basics of the 179lm/W multiplier occurring as post-process to obtain lux levels but still struggle to figure out how the solar (ie whole spectrum) transmittance of glass should be input.

Any advice / paper / doc to refer to in your organised bookmarks bar ?



I agree. Why don’t you post this on the radiance forum?