Radiation analysis does not appear in quads

Hi, I transferred an 3Ds file into rhino to do the radiation analysis, but i dont know how to solve the triangle meshes to quads. The surfaces only appear the gradient but i wanted the quads to show. (something like the image below)

^ example

Test model _radiation.3dm (497.2 KB)
Test model_radiation.gh (454.7 KB)

Hi zst,

It’s best to use the latest version of LBT (ver 1.X onwards) rather than the legacy components being used in your script.

I believe when you input a mesh generally into the ladybug components it will use those mesh faces (and their centre points) for any analysis. You probably want to convert mesh to polysurface and merge coplanar faces to get a simplified polysurface to input into the LBT components.

When you do that, LBT will then mesh the input geometry based on your grid size, prioritising quad generation.

I’d also recommend changing your model units to meters, working in other units could cause problems in older versions.

I might have got a couple of the specifics wrong above, but in general that approach should give you the results you’re looking for.

Hope that helps!

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