Radiation analysis error/anomaly?

Mostapha, these are the files concerning the radiation study I did. It is not the actual house I’m desinging, but a cube volume with rectangular windows, just to show proof of the value in september being higher then the one in June.

Thank you so much for taking a look. And let me know!


2013_Radiation_analysis.gh (82.9 KB)
2013_Radiation_analysis.3dm (564 KB)
MEX_Mexico.City.766790_IWEC.epw (1.48 MB)

Hi Arie,

Interesting question, mainly because it raises issues about the weather file data. I checked yours and my local for comparisson. If you see the detail data you’ll notice so big differences in radiation data from one day to the other in the same month. The 21th is equinox but in your case the data for june is not the “best” from the “logic” point of view. Pick 28 and you’ll fill better.

Attached a file with WeatherAnalysis also from Ladybug. I selected one day and some hours for June and September. Play with it and you’ll see what i mean. Anyway the radiation differences between both months is not very big.

Hope this helps.


WeatherAnalysis_TMP.gh (75.3 KB)


Thanks for your response and your right that the equinox is not the “best” or warmest day of the month. It just struck me that the value on September 22th was more than double the value on June 21th. But then taking a closer look, June has their warmer days in the beginning of the month and September in the end. So comparing just one day is gives a warped image.

Take a look a the image below

Taking the average radiation value of the whole month is more or less the same for both months like you said.

Thanks for clearing this up and thanks for your help!