Radiation Analysis for Indoor Thermal Comfort Analysis


Im trying to make a radiation analysis of a kinetic façade cell model in order to see how different geometry designs effect indoor thermal comfort by using Ladybug.

The problem I am facing with is that outputs of radiation analysis outputs are not appropriate for thermal comfort inputs. I get result in kwh/m2 and comfort analysis asks me temperature value. Is there such a connection between these two? Or am I forcing sth that I already shouldnt?

Additionally, I downloaded the analysis model named “012_Indoor Comfort PMV” that Chris shared which includes Honeybee and E+ simulation:


But again I am facing with a problem that the model doesnt work since the versions of honeybee and energy plus(2015 version) are not mathcing with mine(2020 version).

I actually question if I do right things or not as well. Am I in the right way, could you help me please? I would appreciate a lot if I someone can help.

Thanks in advance