Radiation Analysis mesh - random colors on mesh

Hello guys, I have a problem with a radiation analysis output mesh, sometimes the mesh colors looks very random and “cold” pixels displays in spots where there should be a good exposure to sun (warm spots). I assume this is a bug… ?

I am feeding a very large and sloped terrain (Rhino meters) how to optimize input geometry for best performance of radiation analysis to achieve mesh colors which are corresponding to weather data and conditions of the epw file?

I have experimented subsequently with brep, nurbs and quad mesh… What I have also noticed is the scale is an important factor, is it a reason why I get this strange color results on my mesh?

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I will check the grid distance offset from the surface.
It might be that because of the topography some parts are falling below the original surface.


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Yes, changing the distance from base surface to a greater value fixed the problem, thank you for a tip,