Radiation Analysis meshes output

Hi community,

I need to remap the radiation values I obtain. In order to do that, I need the corresponding meshes to the results, and in the same data tree structure… I don’t know why, but the radiation analysis component do not return this information… see :


Graft the output from analysisMesh and that will match the results structure from radiationResult.

Hi mostapha,

Its only a list of 11 texts strings, no meshes attached to it.


Hi Charles, Can you be more specific? Which output are you referring to?


If you look at the image I provide, the output of Analysismesh containt only 11 items which are text strings. its only an information about the mesh, not the mesh itself and all his parts.
Is it more clear ^^ ?

Oh! Now I understand what you meant. Those are not text - Those are real mesh objects. When you connect them to a panel you will see the string representation of them. Try to connect them directly to decompose mesh and you will see that it will work fine.