Radiation analysis of different designs

Is there a component or an example how to create Radiation analysis of different designs one by one from a list or a tree?

I find a solution using loop addon and python script to record total values created by AndersDeleuran

loop end allow to record datas which is very useful.

Hi @seghier ,
There is a component named “Ladybug_fly” in the old version Ladybug tools. You can download it from food4Rhino and put it in your “UserObjects” folder. It can let the slider “fly” from its min to max one by one.


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Thank you very much @S_hertz , this is very useful and work like anemone loop.
I hope they add inputs to set min and max for sliders or and input for list than the code use the list length as maximum for slider.
At this time using anemone loop is better because i use button to reset and replay unlike the second one which need reset than toggle.
I think this component “Ladybug_fly” can improved to use the same method with button not toggle.
And i hope they make it available for the new LBT 1.3

This better with Anemone loop without record component