Radiation analysis on a pattern as a shading device

Hi, i want to simulate the radiation analysis on a surface behind a type of shading(a pattern). I want to know if is it accurate to use Ladybug-sunlight hour analysis? or should i use Honeybee to get accurate results.
Here is a photo and i want to simulate something similar to this but i could not find the main component.
Thanks for your help.1

you can use the Ladybug_Radiation Analysis component for that puspose.

Hi @Nimafo thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I have tried both LB-Radiation Analysis and HB-daylight analysis and the results were slightly close. I just wanted to know which is more accurate.

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The LB_RadiationAnalysis accounts only from direct and diffuse sky radiation. HB_DaylightAnalysis CAN account for those two + reflected surfaces … but you need to set the proper parameters for that.

@AbrahamYezioro Thanks for your help