Radiation analysis/win10/gendaymtx.exe issue


I have installed ladybug and honeybee plus Radiance and Daysim on WIndows 10. Yet! when I tested the radiance analysis the selectedSkyMtx component gives me keyerror 1, and the tested geomerty shows no radiation.

EPW file is correctly connected and my working directory is under C:\username\appdata\roaming…

Have manually set the raypath and path in the Env.User Variables(EUV) and Env. System Var. (ESV)to



Before it was working fine on Windows 7 with some triggers on the systempath but this time I cannot solve the issue and would urgently need help.

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Applying the files I use.quick%20example%20radiation%20analysis.gh

@ Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari

thank you for the link below,Mostapha,


1 option - file size checked,should be good

2opton - checked/ does not have any affect


Go to C:\Users\Nia\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug. There should be a file named gendaymtx.exe

Right click on the file and select properties. Make sure the file is unblocked and then try again. The fact that mtx files are 0 KB shows gendaymtx hasn’t been executed correctly.


@Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari

checked-i needed indeed to unblock it.still. no change.attached the sky dome and it looks all blue//

Now you just need to set useOldRes input in gencumulativesky to False so it recalculates the values.

I will add a warning to the component for files with size 0 to give a warning to the user.


still negative…no visible effect


Try a different EPW file just to be sure old results are not affecting the simulation.

Also go to where the results are saved and delete them (it should be a directory with the name of the station). Then re-run the case.


After reinstalling ladybug i got the errormessage, that now

genskymtx.exe - “Download failed”.

I will try to manually add it in the C:\Users\Nia\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug

Could you share me, please, the genskymtx.exe - file that you are using?

I have installed Ladybug_0_0_61_Honeybee_0_0_58

now i got a new error message after reinstalling


You can download the file from this link. Make sure to unblock the file and replace it with the current file. Alos make sure to set useOldRes to False. In your screen capture nothing is connected to the input.

If this didn’t solve your problem give me some time to update the component and write a more robust checking process to help you solve this problem.


temporary solved - firewall.

Would be great if there is a more elegant way to do the analysis without switching the protection. The exception app in the firewall was not enough. I needed to switch it entirely.

Is there a better way maybe?

Thank you , Mostapha and Abraham,for your time.

Beside the settings you have mentioned,not before switching off my firewall it succeeded. Now all goes smooth;

Had the same problem. I was able to solve it by replacing in my directory the gendaymtx.exe file provided by Mostapha and by toggling false the useOldRes files.


Helo! I m doing everything that you say but nothing happens.I also switched off my firewall. Need help, thanks