Radiation analysis won't show any visual Info?

I’m trying to do a radiation analysis of a houing plot in Tokyo. But for some reason it just won’t show any visual data!?

Does anybody have an answer?

Site Plan.3dm (112 KB)
Envoirmoental Analysis.gh (351 KB)


I don’t have time to check your file but, on a hunch, make sure that your input surfaces are facing the right direction.


Some issues there Thomas:

The more important is that you are missing the LB_selectSkyMtx component after the LB_genCumulativeSkyMtx. It’s output (selectedSkyMtx) is the one that is supposed to be hooked to the radiationAnalysis.

The other one is that your file is is mm. I recommend to change units to meters. This is not critical, but still …

Since i tried some things, i also exploded your original geometry, but thisprobably you don’t need to do, but just in case …


Thanks Chris, my model was pretty messy (it was an import from Maya) so this definitely helped

Thanks Abraham

I was following an old tutorial where the selectedSkyMix wasn’t used and this combined with changing the units made it work!

However The results seem a little random, see attached picture

Double check normal direction of the surfaces. At least for the roofs that should be the case. I would set the grid size to a very large number and run a number of test analysis to make sure normals are fine and then run the final one with a higher resolution.

We crossed Mostapha,

This is for sure a normal issue, but … your model is “not good”. I exploded it some times but still is remains one object in Rhino. So i’m not sure how you can flip the normal on individual parts of your mesh.

I’m getting “better” results than you but they are some remaining surfaces that have inverted normal direction, so they are not well calculated. See image below.

Once in GH, the meshing size seems not affect the buildings. They are all triangulated (as they came from Rhino.

Attached the file i used with internalized geometry.


EnvoirmoentalAnalysis_AY.gh (454 KB)

Hi Abraham, As far as I can see input geometries are meshes and that’s why the grid looks like that. If you create the breps and mergeAllFaces it should change to a clean model.

Hmmm …

You mean something like this?

Not very clean but the grid changed.


EnvoirmoentalAnalysis_AY.gh (454 KB)