Radiation Benefit On Sun Path

Dear Everyone,

First of all hi to everyone, I’ve joined today to the forum.

I would like to ask for you help with achieving Radiation benefit analysis so that I can design responsive facade in the future.
I’ve looked at these super useful links on Github about responsive facades and radiation benefit analysis.
But the problem that I got stuck with is that I’ve started to learn ladybug and it’s tools on the latest version, therefore I couldn’t figure out the differences between old and new components and their changes and requirements. Could someone help how this algorithm would look with the latest ladybug?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @AdamP, welcome to the forum!

Check out the sample files that come with LBT 1.2.0. When you download LBT 1.2.0 from Food4Rhino it comes with a samples folder and one of the sample scripts is an updated version of radiation benefit on sun path. It’s under samples → ladybug → radiation_benefit_on_sunpath.gh.

Or you can download the ladybug sample files directly from github.

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Hi Ryan,
Thank you so much for your help!