Radiation calculation and import old simulation results

Hi everyone,

compliments to the developers, honeybee + is a great tool.
After my first couple of tests, I have some question.
In the component for the calculation of solar radiation, which is the formula that you have implemented to convert illuminance into radiation? Because in the command line the rmtxop -c 47.4 119.9 11.6 produce illuminance output.
Are results in W/m2?

How can I recall (re-import) an old simulation result in grasshopper? I didn’t find any component only re-run the simulation. Is there a component? It would be super useful.



I would look for the HB_readRADResults component.

Hi Abraham,
Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately doesn’t work.
I have in results folder .ill file, however, if I run another simulation, I cannot reimport the results of the previous one.



Youi need to change the name of the folder/file each time. Otherwise, of course, the results will be overwritten.

I do every time. With honeybee I can reimport the results selecting the path. However, I cannot do the same with Honeybee +.


My bad. I was thinking you are talking about HB legacy.
As far as i understand HB+ has not implemented yet reading previous results … but could be that i’m wrong …

Ok. No problem. Thank you so much.
Do you know about the conversion illuminance to radiation that is implemented in Honeybee +?


Sorry. No.
I would check the code to see if that changed from the legacy way.