Radiation Issues

Hi guys, I have been trying to resolve this issue for a while now.

I am trying to do a radiation analysis with an object and the site.

Attached is the screen shot of the output.

Attached is also the definition in which I used to generate.

The issue is that the values continue to stay 0 and I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

Is it the epw file that is the issue?

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.

Thanks again.

In “radiation study2” image, there is an error (possibly this is the cause?) :

0. KeyError(1,)
1. KeyError(1,)
2. KeyError(1,)
3. KeyError(1,)
4. KeyError(1,)
5. KeyError(1,)
6. KeyError(1,)
7. KeyError(1,)
8. KeyError(1,)
9. KeyError(1,)


Radiation Study.gh (147 KB)

Hi Wesley,

Have you tried to set useOldRes to False and try again? Sometimes the first run of genCumulativeSky goes wrong and then the component load the wrong file.

If you set useOldRes to False, you should see a cmd window to be open and stay open for few minutes until it generates the sky matrix. Let me know if it solved the issue.


Hi Mostapha,

It still stays the same…

Can you download gendaymtx (https://db.tt/V8jvyA2l) and copy it to C:\Users\Wesley\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug and then try again?

Your file works fine on my system.

It worked!

Thanks so much Mostapha!

Also, do you know of any tutorials or tips on how to analyze wind on your structure (height included)? So like a 3D wind analysis like radiation study.

many thanks!


Ladybug and Honeybee doesn’t support CFD simulation at the time. There is an on-going project (Butterfly) that will be added to the project at some point but I cannot promise that it will happen anytime soon.


Glad that the radiation issue was solved. The best thing that we offer right now in terms of wind is a 3D wind profile curve that shows you roughly how the wind speed will go up as you increase with height. I know that this is traditionally how a lot of wind calculations for structures were done before the invention of wind tunnels.

As Mostapha said, we will hopefully have CFD capabilities in the future so that you could actually look at the wind field as it moves over and around your building and its context.

Hello, it seems i have the same issue , i would be really thankfull if you can share the file with me please. so i drop it inside the ladybug

Hello, could you please share again the file? Thank you!