Radiation rose and the radiation sky dome value comparison

Why the values of the radiation rose and the radiation sky dome is so different? In my head, they should be the same

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Radiation rose shows the radiation values for a face with a fixed vertical angle (the default is a vertical face) from different orientations. The Radiation Dome does show the radiation values for combination of different vertical and horizontal angles. You can think of the Radiation Dome as a 3D version of the Radiation Rose diagram.


Hi, Mostapha. English is not my fort but let try to explain better my problem. I have this building (figure 1) with 58.5 m² and I am receiving more than 27.11 kWh/m² and I can’t explain where this radiation comes from if the maximum radiation that the radiation gives to me is 9.96 kWh/m² for the same period.